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Coming from the streets of Harlem,New York  Supreme experienced the Hip Hop culture at an early age. While viewing his brother manipulate vinyl with breakbeats such as ” Good Times ” ( Chic ) Bounce, Skate, Roll, Bounce ( Vaughn Mason )& Big Beat (Jimmy Squire ) a young Supreme began to enjoy music. Next came the airwaves where Mr. Magic (R.I.P ) 107.5WBLS / Red Alert & Chuck Chillout ( 98.7 Kiss FM ), Afrika Islam, Teddy Ted, The Awesome 2 ( WHBI ) presented the harmonious sounds of Hip Hop to the streets. It was only when Supreme visually witnessed Grandmaster Flash  do his thing with double copies of ” Fusion Beats  ” in Harlem World is when the true inspiration came in effect. The uniqueness of GrandMaster Flash motivated DJ Supreme to study Hip Hop in depth. Supreme migrated to the south & immediately connected with Gran Pre E-Z-E ( who later became the dj for Def Jef — Dj Erick Vaughn ) & Cool Smit the Ultimate ( R.I.P )  two emcees that shared the love of Hip Hop  to form Imperial Material The Geganti Family. But the group needed a Dj and that’s when Gran Pre E-Z-E passed the baton & Dj Supreme The Silent Assassin was introduced to the Hip Hop community . With His knowledge of Hip Hop, the craft of djing & his strong communications skills Dj Supreme has received several awards, gained membership in over 13 dj coalitions . Having a strong passion to network with artist and djs , Dj Supreme created The Fleet Flavers mixshow which is a platform for artist & djs to be heard on 11 internet radio stations. Dj Supreme has networked with artist such as Melle Mel ( Furious Five ) Cheryl The Pearl ( The Sequence ) Mikey Destruction ( Elements of Hip Hop ) Eric B. / Casanova Rud Chuck Freeze ( Jazzy Five Mcs ) Freddie Foxxx ( Bumpy Knuckles Flava Unit ) MC Shan ( Juice Crew ) Positive K / Panama Redd / P Nyce The Va General / Joe Nice  / Triple 7 KamiKaze / Venomous / Street Da Villan and much more …….. When asked about the evolution of Hip Hop Dj Supreme The Silent Assassin simply states ” Be apart of the movement … Not apart from the movement !!     11614_10204329997507343_1328528255239176614_n                                                                                                                                                 14962723_10209520172418472_3528964315019160894_n