The Fleet Flavers Mixshow

The Fleet Flavers Mixshow is a mixshow which is heard on 11 different internet radio stations worldwide. This mixshow was created with the listeners in mind . Commercial radio stations say they play “Old School ” Hip Hop and R & B but do not stick to the format . Then you have radio stations claiming to play ” The Unsigned and Underground ” artists but they either don’t or eventually ween away from this format as well and we understand because they have a ” protocol ” to abide by.

Well The Fleet Flavers Mixshow is different …. Unlike Commercial Radio stations The Fleet Flavers Mixshow Dj plays what he is feeling at the moment keeping the listener in mind. Listeners that tune in to The Fleet Flavers Mixshow often find themselves saying , :Oh Yeah that was my jam back in the days ” Or I remember this jam we were in high school and the dance out was” ….  The Fleet Flavers Mixshow can be heard at home or at work and even in your car ( mobile apps ). But if you miss the F.F.M.S cause you were busy just go to and click Fleet Flavers Mixshow tab and listen to a variety of different genre of music .  So Tune in To The Fleet Flavers Mixshow created By Dj Supreme The Silent Assassin Aka The Harlem Hittman on your favorite internet radio station .

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